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About Jane

Makeup by Jane is a freelance makeup service specialising in bridal, special occasions, lessons and shoots.


Makeup to me is all about enhancing your unique features so you can be the best version of you, and also as a medium to be creative and have some fun with.

I discovered my love of makeup from a very early age and it has only grown exponentially throughout the years where if I'm not doing makeup, then I'm looking at inspiration images and what makeup product I can buy next! This passion sparked the beginning of my makeup career back in 2006 when after high school I signed up to do a makeup course at the Napolean Perdis Makeup Academy.


From there, I worked as a freelance makeup artist as well as at various cosmetics companies including Shiseido, Lancome and MAC. I'm all about forever growing and learning which lead me to also complete my Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services at the Academy of Makeup and also doing various other makeup workshops on a yearly basis.

Now I'm working in my dream careers at Chisholm Institute as a makeup educator as well as freelancing which is so fulfilling for me, passing on my knowledge and helping others grow, making others feel beautiful and more confident as well as working on creative projects.

Lots of love xxx

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The Small Details

"For me, makeup is really about enhancing your unique features so that you can look and feel your best and provide you with that boost of confidence! I love to work together with my clients to create a look that is their own and that they feel comfortable and beautiful in."

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